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Building a cohort amongst 200 public sector senior leaders

State Services Commission

Each year the SSC runs a half-day summit for the ‘top 200’ - Chief Executives (CEs) and senior leaders across the public sector. We co-curated, co-planned and facilitated two recent summits - one of customer-centred design and delivery of state services, and the other on stewardship within state services.

For both summits, we:

  • met the business owners to understand their
  • needs and context
  • met CEs to understand their needs and context
  • designed an agenda
  • provided subject matter expertise in customer-centred design and delivery, and to a lesser
  • extent in stewardship
  • designed bold opening experiences, to change
  • the mental state of participants when they arrive
  • influenced the selection of case studies,
  • speakers and speaker topics
  • designed workbooks and working activities
  • facilitated on the day.

Success measures — including the number of attendees present throughout the day and number of follow-up conversations held — were met for both summits.

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