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Design concepts for next-gen high-end consumer products

Sony Design Centre (Europe)

A design question needs a design answer.

When the engineers at Sony came up with an amazing new piece of technology, the European design team knew that they had an opportunity to define the next generation of high-end consumer products. They also knew that their product designs needed to make a good idea great.

Matthew Ellingsen, one of Empathy’s founders, had worked with Sony in the UK. They sought him out to fuel and guide their ideas.

Empathy worked closely with Sony Europe to uncover and unlock the motivations and mindsets of a key target audience. We helped them to envisage what consumers would be loving three years into the future. We translated our insights and created a series of concepts for an innovative future product line, which will help to ensure the product’s success and re-establish Sony as a leader of lifestyle culture.

We helped the design team to turn technical capability into a ‘must have’ product.

We’d love to share the stories on this one. But we’re bound by a fierce NDA and this is as far as we can go until a year after the products have been released. We always respect our client’s
IP and secrets.

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