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Vision & Strategy

Identifying customer segments, defining engagement strategy

Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand, Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

The manager of IPONZ initially engaged Empathy to create a website strategy. We realised we first needed to establish good customer understanding, then create a channel strategy. Until we knew who we were targeting, and how to best use various channels, we couldn’t say how to use the website.

We worked with the IPONZ team to achieve those three things. We gained a deeper understanding of the audience through qualitative research. We segmented the audience in a way useful to marketing and communications. We looked at the channels IPONZ currently used, and suggested an optimal set, including new channels to be developed. We recognised operational constraints and the ability for the team to put more effort into this area of their work. We identified key engagement goals for each audience segment, and messages for each channel. We noted sample content that would help to achieve the communications objectives.

Later, we established a work programme to enable increased effective communication to a key audience segment, namely businesses and innovators not at all aware of intellectual property.