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Segmenting a customer base, defining engagement strategy

Consumer Protection, Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

Segmenting a customer base, defining engagement strategy

The new Manager of the Consumer Protection team wanted to better understand consumers so as to better enable them to transact with confidence. The target group for his team is all of New Zealand, so we first started by helping him to focus in two different areas.

We designed and conducted qualitative research to understand consumer behaviour and mindsets. We uncovered important learnings and shaped a customer segmentation that can be used in an overarching marketing campaign as well as in business-as-usual channel development and policy creation. We also provided direction for quantitative research approaches and questions to size the segments and measure impact over time.

We also designed and conducted qualitative research into car buying, as transactions involving cars of less than $5,000 is a particular hot-spot for consumer protection issues and lack of consumer confidence. We visually mapped the steps that people take when buying a car, and their needs, motivations, behaviours, thoughts and feelings at each of those steps. We noted on the opportunities to impact the system.

In addition to a customer insight presentation, we delivered two such customer journey maps - one for private sales and one for commercial sales - and other documents that will help the Consumer Protection team positively impact customer confidence and outcomes.

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