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Field note—

Enabling ethnography in small budget economies

Matthew Ellingsen

16 June 2017

This paper discusses a collaborative research model, referred to as ‘The Art of Empathy’.

This is a model developed to integrate ethnographic practices in small budget economies.

The paper aims to contribute to the variety of working approaches to ethnography in business, exploring the work to be done in straddling the delicate balance between growing and enabling ethnographic thinking without contributing to its de-enrichment and commoditization.

This paper was presented at 2015 EPIC conference. EPIC promotes the use of ethnographic principles to create business value.

You can find a copy of the paper in the EPIC proceedings.


Dani Cuaron
Endlessly fascinated by what makes people tick, and the human cogs, wheels and levers that make up the character of your organization.

Emma Saunders
Understands what motivates people to behave the way they do and how this translates to business. Turns Empathy’s dreams into reality.

Matt Ellingsen
Designer by day, dreamer by night. Matt thinks big ideas — but always balanced with that “99% perspiration” bit of the quote.