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New Year worksheets—

Focus, refresh, and prepare

Here you’ll find printable A3 worksheets designed as companions to our 3 x 3 = 2019 booklet.
Click here [pdf, 123kb] to download the full set of worksheets, covering all three sections.
To print a specific worksheet, click on it below:

I am a designer

  1. Use design mindsets [pdf, 43kb]
  2. Understand people [pdf, 35kb]
  3. Get going [pdf, 28kb]

I am part of a team

  1. What others need from me [pdf, 34kb]
  2. Working relationships [pdf, 29kb]
  3. Successful interactions [pdf, 41kb]

We have work to do

  1. Working styles [pdf, 31kb]
  2. What I’m working on [pdf, 38kb]
  3. Our way forward [pdf, 31kb]

The Empathy team wishes you a wonderful year ahead.